Scotty Boy Buellklong Skin-Contact
Scotty Boy Buellklong Skin-Contact
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Scotty Boy Buellklong Skin-Contact

Scotty-Boy! Orange 2021 “Buellklong” aka “Canned Bellini” aka “My Power Animal”
55% Grenache Blanc, 45% Chardonnay, Buellton, California
Natural, Certified Organic

That’s the winemaker on the label. His name is Scott Sampler, and he is otherwise known for his more uppity hustle, the Central Coast Group Project, where he produces painstakingly slow luxury wines for the fine-dining world. His Scotty-boy wines are meant to refresh and quench without pretension. They say at the winery, “less judgy and more chuggy.” Even though these offerings are meant to be less fussy, it’s the kind of juice that often fills the glasses of somms and wine nerds and discerning natural wine lovers. The grapes that Sampler sources are from sustainable, artisanally farmed, small family-owned hand-harvested vineyards. His wines are unfiltered - proof of the truly natural, zero-intervention “nothing added/nothing taken away” style of winemaking.
We got kumquat on the nose along with twiggy lemon, and our first swig was full of peach, tart pineapple, honeydew, and citrus peel.
Chill this bad boy down before serving. Hell, put an ice cube or two in it - we said we wouldn’t judge!
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