Idlewild Flora and Fauna Rosé 2021
Idlewild Flora and Fauna Rosé 2021
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Idlewild Flora and Fauna Rosé 2021

Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera & Grignolino

Idlewild’s focus is two-fold: First, Piedmontese varieties as single varietal and vineyard wines of typicity, energy, and balance; and second, Piedmontese varietal blends that balance joy and depth while complimenting the table. We have the latter with this impeccable rosé which is a delightful blend of three of the most famous grapes of Piedmont, each lending and blending their unique qualities into this insanely quaffable salmon-colored marvel.

A super-nerdy bit of info is that these varietals, which do not ripen at the same time, were picked together, when somehow, by the grace of Bacchus, the mad scientists at Idlewild decided these grapes would all not only play nice together but somehow complement and enhance each other at these different stages of development. Respect!

We count on rosé being crisp, fresh, deliciousness, but this one in particular has an added depth to pair with food. Maybe it’s the backbone and power from the Nebbiolo, the soft ripe texture of the Dolcetto, or possibly the firm acidity of the Barbera. The color in the glass is a gorgeous salmon pink and on the nose we got a tease of savory celery and herbs followed by a crush of grapefruit, strawberry rhubarb, orange peel and lilac, with a lasting, quenching finish.
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