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Well Played Biodynamic Syrah from Eishold Smith Well Played Well Played Well Played Well Played
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Well Played

It's all fun and games when you send this fantastic Clutch Gift that could be given for almost every occasion: Thank You, Sorry, Welcome, Congratulations, Holidays... Oh and Happy Birthday! Who doesn't love Charades?
  • Eisold Smith Flooded Orchard Syrah 2015. Delicious, juicy yet not over the top Syrah; (co-fermented with a dash of Viognier) from power couple Lauren Eisold and Adam Smith. Full bodied with plenty of berry fruit, earth, and a touch of cola. Biodynamic farming.
  • Ridleys Games Room Classic Charades V2 - super fun!
  • Paddywax Mint Sea Salt & Sage Concrete Candle
  • Games Room Charades
  • Truetap Double Hinged Bottle Opener

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